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Tree Service And Removal

Sharp Scapes, Inc. ~ We Are Your Tree Expert ~ Specializing in Tree Transplanting, Tree Removal and Tree Planting

Serving all areas of Utah. Sharp Scapes, Inc has extensive experience and is licensed and bonded. If you need a tree safely removed or a tree safely transplanted onto your property, our experience, expertise and equipment can make the complex task seem simple.

Sharp Scapes, Inc. offers tree transplanting, tree planting and tree removal services. Call us today at 801-566-3224 to discuss your tree service needs.

Tree transplanting is often needed to move trees from sites where they are already established in the landscape. With the right equipment and proper care, trees can be successfully transplanted, or moved from one landscape to another. Transplanting preserves your investment and gives instant beautification to your home, yard or place of business. We move trees that have environmental, sentimental, or aesthetic value but also stand in the way of progress or cause a danger to buildings, to new locations where they can thrive. Transplanting can add shade and beauty with trees that look like they have been there for decades.

Sharp Scapes, Inc. uses specialized heavy equipment to transplant, remove or plant your trees including large and small tree spades, cranes, track hoes, mini-excavators, loaders and skid-steers. We can also safely transport trees to a new site as necessary. We prepare the receiving site first to receive the transplant, then take special care to ensure the root ball and root system remain preserved for transplanting success.

Our experienced owner ensures trees are moved and planted in the best possible conditions to lessen any impact to the tree. Sharp Scapes, Inc. has over 30 years of tree transplanting, tree planting and tree removal expertise and offers landscaping services alongside all tree services.

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