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Landscape And Sprinkler Installation Contractor

Sharp Scapes, Inc. Specializes in Landscape and

Sprinkler Installations

Sharp Scapes, Inc. is your licensed and bonded landscape and sprinkler contractor if you want a task done correctly, efficiently, on time and on budget. We are experts in erosion control, sod and seeding, and property improvement in general. We are hired by contractors and homeowners alike to improve the environment around a home.

Whether you need your landscape designed, or have a current design to be installed, we offer quality workmanship in both landscape and sprinkler design and installation. We work towards solutions using the owner’s vision and strive to meet your budget with quality you can depend on.


Preserve or add aesthetic value to your new landscape by utilizing our additional services such as adding mature trees, shrubs, rock walls, waterfalls and hardscaping. A professionally designed and installed irrigation system will save you money by avoiding wasted water and give you more time to enjoy your beautiful lawn.

We can transform a new build to an established looking home with outdoor areas to envy within weeks. If erosion is an issue we have the equipment and experience to provide erosion control services to your property so your new grass and plant life will stay healthy and beautiful for many, many years to come.

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