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Grading And Site Prep

Do You Need Grading, Land Clearing or Demolition 

Sharp Scapes, Inc. has the Right Experience and Equipment

Sharp Scapes, Inc. has been in operation since 2005 and owner, Wade Sharp has been working in the business for decades. If you want a professional grading and site prep company that has all the right equipment for the job and extensive experience combined, then call Sharp Scapes to start planning.

Sharp Scapes, Inc. commercial and residential services will prepare a site for construction by removing vegetation, rocks, debris and any structures that interfere with the new construction, while offering haul away services for the demolition material.

This may involve clearing the site, leveling the surfaces, earth moving, excavating, erosion control, land and water drainage and other land preparation. We can build up retaining walls and install irrigation systems. We also import rich topsoil, sand, gravel, mulch and other materials as necessary.

We thrive on transplanting large or small trees to add additional beautification to your existing projects.

Sharp Scapes, Inc. is licensed, insured and bonded. Go with the professionals with years of experience in the business and a solid reputation for a job well done.

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