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Rock Wall And Retaining Wall

Sharp Scapes, Inc. Rock Wall and Retaining Wall

Design & Installation Services

There are many uses for a rock wall and retaining wall on a newly prepped property. Sharp Scapes, Inc. has extensive experience installing complex and challenging rock walls and retaining walls on commercial and residential sites. We have successfully completed rock wall projects for developers, builders, home owners and commercial contractors alike.


Sharp Scapes, Inc. can complete a decorative rock wall or retaining wall using large rocks, boulders or other decorative materials that offer solutions to your site requirements.

Rock walls and rock retaining walls can change the appearance of your landscape and offer beauty along with erosion control and safely retaining the topsoil in the construction area.


Rocks, boulders, and established trees added to an empty yard can turn a property into a private hideaway that looks amazing. Contact Sharp Scapes, Inc. at 801-566-3224 about your next project.

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